The CILAP project was planned and approved with a goal to support geodetic authorities (GA) in BH during the whole implementation period of Real Estate Registration Project (RERP), 2013-2022, funded by a World Bank (WB) loan.

Within the course of ongoing implementation, the “Capacity Building for Improvement of Land Administration and Procedures in Bosnia and Herzegovina” – CILAP project has managed to significantly contribute to the improvement of land administration in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BH).

The CILAP project, in cooperation with its partners, the Republic Authority for Geodetic and Real Property Affairs (RGA) of the Republic of Srpska (RS) and the Federal Administration for Geodetic and Real Property Affairs (FGA) of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBH), is widely recognized by the entire land administration community as a driving force for modernisation of processes and enforcement of data interoperability. 

Wide range of stakeholders is directly involved in the project activities creating the strong foundation for making a land administration system more efficient, secure and reliable as stated in the project main goal. The Ministries of Finance, Ministries of Interior, Ministries of Government and Local Self Government, Ministries of Justice, Tax Authorities, Statistical Authorities, Agencies, Cities, Municipalities, notaries, non-governmental organizations... and many others, are integral part of project activities enabling achievement of very important goals in the road of BH accession to European Union (EU).